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Love, Music, and Spirit

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Before they were husband and wife,  Rick and Jennifer were two college students at UC Davis pursuing their own studies and interests. Rick – Filipino, Catholic, studying the biological sciences, and Jennifer – English, Armenian, Croatian, Methodist, studying classical civilizations. Two people with separate lives until they discovered a common interest – music. Rick’s piano playing lured Jennifer to sit with him to listen to his compositions, and Jennifer’s classical flute enthralled Rick. Then they discovered each other. Love and friendship grew, and the promise to marry was made.

When it was time to consider a wedding officiant, Rick and Jennifer knew that whoever they would choose had to transcend religion, faith, and culture. They found the perfect minister who graciously worked with the couple to craft words that represented the combined spirit of the couple.

On their wedding day, on the UC Davis campus, with musician friends to play Rick and Jennifer’s songs, friends and family in attendance, and a minister to bring it all together in a sweet ceremony, the couple became Rick and Jennifer Tan!

Having recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and blessed with four children, the couple is forever grateful for a wedding day that was meaningful and representative of who they are.

That is the gift Reverend Tan offers each of our couples. Wedding words written and spoken with you at the heart of the celebration. Your unique personalities, spirituality, and cultural background. Your story as a couple. Your wedding, the way you want it.

Meet Our Outstanding Associates

Jenn glasses

Reverend Jennifer Tan

Reverend Jennifer has a natural affinity for bringing happiness to couples on their very special day. She balances her friendly nature with a professional attitude, which couples appreciate during the course of wedding preparations and the wedding day itself. She is a professional flutist and reads fluent Spanish.

Rick White Shirt

Reverend Dr. Rick Tan

Reverend Rick is always moved by the loving energy that surrounds each wedding celebration. He brings thoughtfulness, warmth, and creativity to his ceremonies, and finds joy as an artist when he serves as the officiant and musician for the couple and their guests. He is a professional harpist and pianist, and is fluent in Tagalog.


Reverend Jessica Bender

Reverend Jessica enjoys helping people in the process of coming together, in creating a beautiful and meaningful celebration of love. She is a mother to two glorious children, and they are inspiration for why she chose to help couples cultivate loving relationships. She is also a wedding florist and reads fluent Spanish.


Reverend Jose Flores

Reverend Jose shares his incredible passion for working with engaged couples through his never-ending smile. His favorite part of every wedding is seeing the couples’ faces, noticing how genuine the love for one another is. Reverend Jose is fluent in Spanish.


Reverend Ron Tan

Reverend Ron is easy-going and friendly. His cool and calm nature puts couples at ease, making the wedding ceremony stress-free! His  background in wedding photography has given him professional exposure in many ceremonies. This perspective has honed Reverend Ron’s eye for a ceremony that is elegant, refined, and well-composed.


Reverend Faye Salmons

Reverend Faye has a smile that captures the heart of her ceremonies!  Her love of romance translates to a meaningful and beautiful celebration. She has a background in wedding photography, which gives her a polished and artistic perspective to help the bride and groom envision the perfect celebration.

Officiant Reverend Heatherbell Gonzales

Reverend Heatherbell Gonzales

Reverend Heatherbell loves life and exudes positive energy! She feels honored to be a part of the lifetime commitment you are making together. She considers it a blessing to be a part of your special day.


Reverend Vincent Wang

Reverend Vincent is known for his calm, soothing presence during wedding days. His affection for uniting couples goes hand-in-hand with his wonderful ability to assist Reverend Tan with many of our business tasks, such as blogging and social media.

RIcky with glasses

Reverend Ricardo Tan

Reverend Ricardo specializes in ceremonies on the Central Coast.


Reverend Kelly Evans

Reverend Kelly specializes in ceremonies on the Central Coast.

Rev. Tim Godby

Reverend Tim Godby

Reverend Tim loves to share in the happiness that couples and their families experience on their wedding day. His warmth, kindness, melodious voice, and smile are what couples remember the most! He enjoys officiating all types of ceremonies, bringing together couples in laughter and light.

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Reverend Corkie Matson

Reverend Corkie has been officiating and working with couples through Dearly Beloved Ceremonies. She is also an Educator for the Seven Priniciples for Making Marriage Work program through the Gottman Institute and offers couples workshops.

Joey Headshot 6.15

Intern Joey Tan

An accomplished songwriter, vocalist and musician, Joey assists with the website, social media and blog of Reverend Tan.

Hanz and Jie Harp

Rick Tan – Harp & Piano

Hanz and Jie Flute

Jennifer Tan – Flute

Conrad and Lulu Courtyard D'Oro 10.13 Teresa K Photography Angela

Anglea Kost – Violin

Marcus and Kristen 5.10.14 7

Brian Wolfe – Guitar

Robyn Wolfe Viola

Robyn Wolfe – Viola


Ricardo Tan – Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

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