Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your fee?

Our fee includes:  1. Discussing your wedding vision via email, phone, Skype, text, and/or in person.2. Emailing you sample ceremony templates.3. Assisting you as much as needed on creating your wedding words.4. Our travel time.  5. Arriving at the wedding 20-30 minutes early. 6. Checking in with you and your vendors before the wedding begins. 7. Officiating your wedding of up to 30 minutes. 8. Signing and mailing the license (if needed) 9. Available for questions at any time via email/text/phone/Skype.

Do you officiate other types of ceremonies besides weddings?

We officiate weddings, vow renewals, baby-naming, baby blessings, memorials, grave site funerals, and other types of ceremonies.

Do you provide a microphone and speaker?

If you prefer that our voice is amplified, please request that your DJ or venue provide us with either a lapel mic or an earpiece mic. We also offer a lapel mic and speaker for an additional fee. We advise against cordless mics and mics on a stand. They can get in the way of the ceremony, are a challenge for us to hold, and they show up in all of your photos. We are more than happy to officiate weddings with no amplification, no matter the venue or size. If you would like a microphone on a stand for a reader or singer off to the side, we can also provide this for an additional fee. Please request microphones as early as possible to ensure availability.

How far will you travel?

We generally travel to the greater Sacramento, Napa, Sonoma, Foothills, and East Bay areas. However, we will travel further upon request depending on availability. Some destinations may require a night’s accommodations. Destination weddings require additional fees.

What types of weddings do you officiate?

We can officiate any type of ceremony including religious, traditional, inter-faith, spiritual, non-religious, ethnic, contemporary, same-sex, thematic.

Should we hire Rev. Rick, Jennifer, Jessica, Jose, Ron, Faye, Heatherbell, Vincent, Kelly or Ricardo?

We will check availability for both Rev. Rick and Rev. Jennifer first, and will let you know who is available. Rev. Rick and Rev. Jennifer also enjoy officiating together as a couple. If neither are available, we will check Rev. Jessica, Jose, Ron, Faye, Heatherbell, Vincent, Kelly and Ricardo’s schedules.

Do you provide bilingual ceremonies?

Rev. Rick can perform ceremonies in Tagalog  (Filipino). Rev. Jennifer, Jessica, and Jose can officiate in Spanish. All of our officiants are happy to learn a phrase of another language, too! If you prefer that we officiate in English and have another person translate aloud while standing next to us, let us know well in advance. We also work with Sara who is a Spanish translator who can provide this service for an additional fee.

May we include a special ritual, reading, or song?

Yes! You are welcome to create your own special touches. We are happy to help with wording and logistics.

May I have a friend or family member do a reading?

Yes. Please arrange for a microphone (if needed), and request that the reader print out their reading and bring it with them. Please also email us the reading and we will be prepared to read it as a back-up.

If we want to do a unity candle, sand, wine box, coins, lasso or other rituals, do you provide the accessories and table?

We carry supplies for all of these rituals and more. Please see our Wedding Supplies page and contact us for a custom order at least 3 weeks before the wedding with a list of supplies that you need.

May we have everyone at the wedding sing?

Yes! Please refer to the answer in Music category.

What happens if I change my date, time, or venue?

Please let us know as soon as possible in the logistics change. If Rev. Rick or Jennifer are not available, we will assign one of our other officiants. If none of us are available, we will send you recommendations for other local officiants. Please note that your deposit is non-refundable and is good towards services rendered by one of our officiants within one year.


Will you stay for the reception?

We appreciate being invited, but we do not stay for the reception. We know that this costs you extra money, and we usually need to return home to be with our family, or travel to another event.

Will you stay for pictures?

We will stay for a picture with the wedding couple/party directly after the ceremony upon request.

What is the process of hiring you?

The process of hiring us is:

​1. Contact us through the form on our website or email us directly at Tell us your name, ceremony date, time, and venue. We will email you back within 24  hours regarding our availability and price quote.

2. Respond to our email and let us know if you have questions, would like to meet or talk on the phone, or would like a contract. Your signed contract and $100 non-refundable deposit secures your date and time on our calendar

How do I get my wedding license?

Within 90 days of your wedding, make an appointment to visit your local County Clerk’s office. You both must be present. Check the County Clerk’s website on what you need to bring. Cost is generally $70-$90, depending on the county. You will also be able to legally change your last name at this time. The County Clerk will give you the license paperwork, and you will give that tous at the wedding.

How do I change my last name?

You can officially change your last name when you get your license paperwork at the County Clerk’s office. Once you have an official license copy after the wedding, you may change your name with Social Security, DMV, and the Passport Agency.

Do you handle the wedding license paperwork for us?

We are responsible for obtaining your witness signature(s) at the wedding. You will need a minimum of 1 and no more than 2 witness(es). We have a portion to fill out on the paperwork. We will scan and email you a copy within 2 days after your wedding. We then mail the original to the County Clerk’s office during the week after your wedding. You can order an official copy from the County Clerk’s office at any time after your wedding. Cost is $14-$17 per official copy, depending on your county.

Who should I have sign as my witness(es)?

Select 1 or 2 adults who will be able to legibly and accurately sign their signature, print their name, and write their address. We will show them step by step where to write. If they make an error or strike out any letters, the County Clerk will mail back the paperwork and charge a fee. This will delay your license getting processed. The fee will be the responsibility of the wedding couple and the witness.

May I take the license paperwork to the County Clerk’s office myself after the wedding?

Yes, you may. If you need your license processed quickly, this is the best option. Please let us know at the wedding. We will fill out our portion and give your license paperwork to you before we leave. You need to take the license paperwork to the County Clerk’s office from where you originally received it, within 10 days of your wedding. You will pay a $14-$17 fee per official copy, depending on your county.

What musical instruments do you offer?

Rev. Rick plays harp and piano. Rev. Jennifer plays flute. We also work with outstanding musicians who offer violin, viola, guitar, clarinet and saxophone. If there is not a piano at the venue, Rev. Rick can bring our 88-key digital piano and amplifier.

How much does music cost?

Cost depends upon your location and how many musicians that you need. You will receive a discount when you hire us to both officiate and play music for your ceremony.

What kind of music do you play?

We can play traditional places, such as Pachelbel Canon and the Bridal March. We can also play more contemporary pieces, such as Beatles, Sinatra, and Elvis — Broadway Musicals, and movie theme songs — Journey, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars! You are welcome to request up to 3 songs other than Pachelbel Canon and the Bridal March at least 2 weeks in advance of the wedding. This gives up time to purchase, research, and rehearse the music. We also enjoy playing our own original music including an original piece for the bride.

Where can I hear your music?

Go to  to hear clips of harp and flute music.

What does ceremony music entail?

We start playing 15 minutes before your wedding start time as guests get seated. We play a processional song for your wedding party, a bridal song for the bride, and a recessional song at the end of the ceremony. Other options are available upon request, such as a song for the groom, a song for the parents, candle lighting or prayer music, or music played throughout the wedding.

How does it work to have you both officiate and play music?

We officiate and play music quite often. When the officiant and the musician are the same person, he or she will play the music close to where officiating occurs so that the transition will be smooth. There are advantages to having us officiate and play music! There are no awkward pauses or miscues with the music, the music is perfectly timed, and you save money. Live music sets a tone for the wedding that is elegant, soothing, and uplifting.

Do you play for the cocktail hour and reception?

We charge per hour for cocktail and reception time, prorated by half hour increments. Upon request during the reception, we can stay longer than the contracted time, if available. Payment for additional time will be due in cash before we leave. Musicians take a 5 minutes break once per hour. Wind instrument musicians play every other song when playing as a duo with a string instrument musician.

Do you provide your own microphone for musical instruments?

If you hire us to play harp, it includes a harp mic and amplifier. Flute and other instruments usually do not need a microphone. If you need a microphone and speaker for instruments other than harp or for people speaking at your ceremony, let us know and we will provide a mic on a stand and speaker for an additional fee.

Do you need an electrical outlet?

We require an accessible electrical outlet when we play our digital piano or harp within 75 ft.

Will you still play if there is inclement weather?

We can perform outside when the temperature is between 70-95 degrees. Rain, snow and high winds require that we perform indoors, only. Weather may adversely affect the instrument’s ability to produce quality sound. To prevent strings from breaking and other issues related to heat, we ask that a shady area or a stationary umbrella be provided.

Can we have everyone sing?

Yes! We love singing and know how to conduct and lead either a select group or the entire audience in song. Please let us know the song at least 2 weeks in advance and include the words in your program for the audience.

Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

If you have a coordinator or someone helping the wedding, we are not needed at the rehearsal. If you have no one to help with the wedding and need us to run the rehearsal, it is helpful to have us present. We charge separately for the rehearsal, as it is optional. If you request our presence at your rehearsal, please let us know the date and time as soon as possible to ensure availability.

If we hire you to come to the rehearsal, what do you do for us?

We first set you and your wedding part up at the front according to your vision and practice the recessional (walking out). Then, we practice the processional (walking in) and the recessional (walking out). We do not read through the whole ceremony but review the important parts. If you have friends or relatives who will be featured during the ceremony (giving the bride away, reading a poem, parents pouring sand, etc.), please invite them to the rehearsal. Please ask everyone to arrive a half hour before the rehearsal start time so that we may begin on time. The rehearsal should last about a half an hour.

Is it okay if we do not have a rehearsal?

Many weddings do not have rehearsals and they flow beautifully. We arrive 20-30 minutes early, check in with the bride and groom, check in with the coordinator, photographer, and DJ, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Will you stay for the rehearsal dinner?

We always appreciate being invited; however, we usually need to return home to our family or travel to another event.​

Where can I see videos from previous weddings?

Click here to see some of our previous weddings. As you watch them, keep in mind that your words, style and tone for your wedding will be unique.

Do you have a song list?

Yes!  These are songs from recent weddings.  You are welcome to request songs from this list or off the list.

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